Teaching your children how to use their imagination

Teaching your children how to use their imagination

The word "imagination" conjures up images of children pretending with dolls, pushing dump trucks, or dressing up as princesses or pirates.

Some might question what the importance? I'll tell you that developing your child's imagination could be the best gift you could teach your child. Even Einstein felt that " imagination is more important then knowledge"!

Teaching imagination during childhood helps in the development of their critical thinking.

Adults constantly use their imagination to help them invent new things, visualize, solve problems, enjoy a book or movie, understand others' perspectives, make plans, come up with ideas, and think creatively.

Lets Learn to Play!

Get ready to get on the floor and play. Even before your baby can crawl or even talk, they are ready to learn. Learn from you. This might be a great time to get out those puppets or just use the toys that baby has around them. Maybe  the favorite lovey decides to make friends with the stuffed bear over some make-believe tea.

Observe your kiddos interests. Maybe they love an airplane or a little truck. Take the hint and use those items in the play.

Don't put too many toys out. I know this is hard. I struggle with this every day. Sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming. (isn't this just true for life?!)

As your kiddo grows they will be watching you for hints on how to act. You can have fun and use your own creativity and come up with some very fun pretend play scenarios.

Don't be shy. Narrating the pretend play is super helpful for your kiddo to understand what's going on.

Slowly introduce new ideas or a new toy to the story line.





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